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Brief of safety and quality management sysytem


In order to standardize and optimize our company's management level, Hailong set up the quality management system since 1999 and gained the quality certificate from the China Classification Society. On 2002, we re-orgnized our quality management system according to the ISO9001:2000 standard and DNV crew manning rules and passed the audit from CCS and DNV, gained the relevant certificates.
Directed by our quality management system of ISO9001:2000 Hailong consider the manning service as our product, focus on our client's desire, pay attention to the resource management. Following the spirit of our quality policy of "Sincerity, High efficiency, Satisfaction, Enterprising", we make the continuing improvement as our lasting aim.


The Quality management policy: Sincerity/High efficiency/Satisfaction/Enterprising


1.Set up the "Human-oriented" management spirit, defend the benefit of clients and seafarers, establish good trademark throuth sincere service, enjoy better and better reputation.
2.Optimize the managing system, standardize the dispatching procedure, provide the effective and prompt service at any times.
3.Aim at satisfying the clients, identify the requirement of clients and seafarers, do the best to provide competent seafarers and satisfactory service, ensure the safety of the seafarers, ships and her cargo, prevent any pollution to the marine environment, construct safe and comfortable working condition for seafarers.
4.To satisfy the increasing requirement of our clients and company’s developing, we established the successive impored quality management system.

Security and Quality Guarantee

1.  We strictly perform the contracts signed with the pricinpal and seafarers.
2.  we provide healthy, skilled, obedient and diligent seafarers who have acquired language abilities and obtained all necessary effective certificates. In addition, we actively conduct successive tracking and management for the seafarers, collect opinions from our customers, evaluate seafarers regularly and improve service quality constantly.
3.  we respond to the requirements of the customers, reply to their questions within 24 hours. we set up an emergency team and provide 24-hour service for customers in case of emergency.




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