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   In order to improve the comprehensive of the crew, and train them to comply with the high standard of international shipping business, Hailong pays much attention to the training of crew, except arranging the cadets and crew to attend the professional training required by STCW, and also carry out following training:

Pre-joining Training for Cadets

    in order to help the cadets make to their “first step” for their sea career, Hailong gives them training regarding the regulations of Hailong and ship owners, ISM code, ISPS regulations, the vessel’s particular which going to service, morality of vocation etc. through self-published training materials.

    Pre-joining training for cadets

Skill Improvement Training

     Based on “Xiamen International labor training center”, Hailong time to time self motivates fitter’s skill, computer, English, sailorship and business of engine rating to improve the professional skill of cremembers.


Enhancing training of engine room skill

Ship Owners Training

    Hailong also time to time invites ship owners coorperated to give course to cadets and crewmembers on vacation to improve the profession of the them.

Ship owners training

English Training for Ratings

    Due to the weak awareness of safety, and English ability ratings, Hailong trains them by self-published English training book for deck rating and English training book for engine rating.


English training book for ratings 

Pre-joining Training for all crew

     Hailong also sets up regulated course before dispatching crew for ships, aiming to make hundred percent training for each one in pertinency prior to joining.


Pre-joining training

Foreign Officers Training

     To improve the English knowledge and professional skill, Hailong invites time to time the professional training centers and foreign Captain and C/O give lecture to crew.


Officer of ZODIAC gives the lecture

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