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1. Hailong has the capacity of manning container ships (above 1000 TEU) and bulk ships (above 28,000 DWT) in a full set, half set and individual, who is the service agency to dispatch the largest number of seafarers to CAPE SIZE Ships (bulk carrier above 100,000 DWT) in China.

2.Hailong is particularly expert in manning oil tankers above 70,000 DWT, (including VLCC), chemical carriers (30,000 -50,000 DWT) and LPG refrigerator ships (above 10,000m3) in a full set or half set, who is the service agency to dispatch the largest number of tanker sailors to overseas ship owners.

3.Hailong has manned the luxury liner “Jimei” owned by a ship owner of Hong Kong with a full set of 250 seafarers and provided waitress for the hotel departments of Star Cruise of Malaysia and a number of liner companies of U.S.A. It is one of service agencies in China to dispatch relatively large numbers of liner seafarers.

4、Hailong has set up “Target training, Pool management” system to train the cadets. Each year Hailong recruits more than 300 graduates of various marine faculties of Marine College in China. Hailong is one of the top manning company in China in marine graduates recruitment.

5.Since 2004, the company has begun to carry out “Modular Ordered Training Programme” in cooperation with Marine Colleges, draw up teaching programs with the colleges based on the demands from overseas ship owners, enhance courses provide by owners and improve English training for the purpose of training high quality seafarers.

6. In order to establish a service base, Hailong has authorized vocational schools to recruit fresh graduates from junior high schools to attend two years’ intense English training, then we send the students to professional seaman training agencies to receive one year GP training. Throuth this training model, the comprehensive quality of ratings has been improved.


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