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All of Hailong staffs have already kept the culture “Upholding Human-oriented Policies, build harmonious Hailong” in our mind for years, we take care of every seafarers.

1. Extending Regards on the Spring Festival: The company’s management staff of various levels often, take the opertunity of Spring Festival or while on business trip, visit and convey regards to the seafarers on leave or families of the seafarers onboard, which has won favorable comments from vast numbers of seafarers and their families.

2. on-board visits: While the vessel call Chinese port, our representatives often take the opportunities to visit the ship, obtaining information pertaining to living and working conditions onboard, and listening attentatively to their orientation.

3. Take care of Seafarers: Hailong always cooperates with ship owners actively to select good hospitals near the port or in Xiamen to provide medical treatment for the seafarers suffered from worked related injuries or other sailing sickness. The manager, members of the labor union and other relevant staff of the company often go to visit the wounded sailors and assist the ship owners and sailors to settle the accidents and insurance claims. In this way, all the seafarers can enjoy the warmth of the Hailong family.

4. Symposiums with Representatives of Seafarers and Their Families: In order to enhance communications between the company and the seafarers, Hailong often holds symposiums in Xiamen and in branch office with the representatives of the seafarers on vacation, to learn about their work and life and hear opinions and suggestions given by the seafarers about the management of company to improve our service. In addition, in order to express thanks to the seafarers’ families for their support and contributions to the development of the company, we holds symposiums in each year for the representatives of the seafarers’ families to learn about their living conditions and providing a platform for the seafarers’ families to communicate.

Visits the crew's family in Jiangsu On-board Visits Held the conversazione of the crew on vacation Held the conversazione of the crews' family members 
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